DIY Valentines Day Gift Idea (Part 2)

Hey darlings!💗

I hope you liked my previous DIY post. If you did, then here’s another one for you. Aren’t DIY’s just the best kind of gifts both to give and to receive? Your answer will probably be, “NO!” as many a time all you can do with a DIY gift is throw it in the bin. Not this time, the receiver will be extremely pleased I promise.

Don’t worry this is not one of those gifts that when you present it to someone, you hope they don’t open it in front of you to spare you the embarrassment of them having to pretend to love your gift when they actually don’t. This gift is practical, super easy to make and the best of all CHEAP! It might even be free if you have all the ingredients lying around your house.

So to make this DIY Body and Lip Scrub, What you will need:

  • Sugar
  • Olive / Peppermint / Almond Oil
  • Food colour of your choice



Step 1

Add your sugar in a mixing bowl. Add however much you plan on gifting and depending on the size of the container you are putting it in.



Step 2

Pour in either your olive, almond or peppermint oil into the bowl of sugar and combine well. One table spoon of oil for every six table spoons of sugar. I used Olive oil for my mixture.



Step 3

This step is optional, you can add food colouring of your choice and make the sugar scrub look super “Tumblr-y” or you could just leave it white which also looks really pretty! One tiny drop of colour goes a long way, so add just one drop at a time.



After all all three of your ingredients are well combined , all that’s left to do is package it however you please. Any woman or maybe even the men in your life will be super pleased with the rich, organic and homemade body scrub they receive. Definitely not something they would just throw away!


Here’s how I packaged mine. I divided my sugar mixture into two bowls, I added colour to one bowl and left the other plain. Then I layered both the mixtures one on top of the other to create these stripes. As for the bottle, I upcycled an old Nutella bottle and spiced up the lid.



I hope you liked this idea and if you try it, please do tag me on Instagram @sonia2031995 I would love to see! Also, what I love about this is that it doesn’t have to be just a Valentines Day gift, it can be given for any occasion whatsoever. Thanks for reading, do follow the blog to be notified everytime I upload a new post.

Happy Republic Day 🇮🇳





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