Hashtag LOVE.

Happy Valentines Day 💛

So today’s post is kinda different from my usual DIY’s, beauty reviews, style ideas etc etc. This is a more chatty post. Being Valentines Day I thought it would be nice to share my experiences, thoughts, tips and just some of the things I’ve learnt over the years about love and relationships. I don’t think I’m any sort of expert on love and that whatever I say is law, but I do think it would be fun to get to know one another on a more personal level. I would love if you guys would interact in the comment section, share your thoughts, experiences and tips too.

I want to start off by saying… Time really does heal ALL wounds. If you’re currently in love with someone who doesn’t like you back. It’s alright. I’ve been there and it sucks, but it’s not permanent. Someday, the right person will come along and you’ll be thankful that the previous relationship didn’t work out.  I thought I “loved” someone for so long and I probably did at the time. But nothing happened. Later on I … You could say dated someone for like a week! Kind of a joke but true. And obviously was a fail. Went back to mourning over the fact that I couldn’t have guy number 1. Hahaha… Yep! I was quite the mess. But then something awesome happened. I did find the guy perfect for me. I love him and he loves me and we’ve been together for 3 years , 10 months and counting.

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Your life story most of the time will not go as you want it to, but no matter how it goes you need to freaking own it and love it. I strongly believe that very often we make up these scenarios in our heads of how we want our first kiss to be, how and where our guy should ask us out etc . Well no harm in doing that, but don’t be disheartened if the scene takes a different turn. Every person has their own unique story and every single one of them is beautiful. Funny story!  Fantasy: I wanted the boy to take me on a romantic picnic or throw stones at my window and ask me to be his girlfriend, then I would say yes, we’d kiss, it would magically start raining and ofcourse – my leg would pop! Reality: It was my seventeenth birthday, André came over to my place in the afternoon. He brought me lunch, we ate together and then went to my room to watch a movie. I hated the movie he picked and was so bored. However, I couldn’t find it in me to tell him that I was so bored! Well obviously he would feel bad and I didn’t want that. Anyway, somehow he noticed I wasn’t having the best time so he paused the movie and stared at me, so I stared back. The next thing I know his lips were incredibly close to mine and it was too late to move before he kissed me. *BRAIN FREEZE* I was shocked, stunned, confused, disappointed, angry, upset, but I did like it a lot. I did cry  little at first, but the I realised I was being silly and we kissed again. Not at all what I was planning my first kiss to be like, but so much better. Don’t you think?


Take your time before getting into any relationship! Do not rush!!! If there’s anyone who has waited a good deal of time before committing , it’s me. I’m saying this like I was the smart one out of the two of us who kept us waiting until both of us were absolutely positive, but it was André. Props to him! I probably began liking him four months into knowing him and if it was up to me I would’ve dated him then. But he waited TWO YEARS before he asked me out! It didn’t matter, I loved him and I could have and would have waited two years longer as well. A darn good way to see if the person really loves you is to see how long they’ll wait for you. The waiting period is terrible, but worth it!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this kind of long and chatty blog post. Let me know your thoughts, tips and experiences in the comments down below. Click on the ‘follow’ button, this will notify you by email everytime I upload a new post.

Xoxo 💛




4 thoughts on “Hashtag LOVE.

  1. Kudos to u and André….. Ur story is sweet in a different way! It does make any believer in love happy to read this…nd so am I 🙂 . I wish u both all the best bro!

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