GOA Getaway!

Hello everybody!

Its Spring time which means Summer isn’t a long way ahead and you know what that means… HOLIDAY!!! Now not many of us have the time off to go to exotic new destinations half way across the globe or maybe not even to another neighboring country. Who cares? You can have just as much fun in your own country! All you need is a lovely relaxing hotel to stay in with great company.

A  few months ago I went with my boyfriend André and his family to Goa, we stayed at the Taj Exotica and believe me, there was no place I’d rather be. The weather was amazing, and we had everything we needed right there in the hotel – it is of course approximately a 50 acre plot of land!



The whole atmosphere and vibe of the place was so calming, serene and relaxing. There was so much to do from cycling to swimming, archery and the best part … The hotel’s back gate goes out to the beach!!! Funny Story: On the beach, there were tons and tons of Jelly Fish! Apparently, that’s a normal thing but I had never seen this before and found it quite fascinating. I was also pretty scared of stepping on them!

André loves photography, especially wildlife, landscape, nature etc. So he was in heaven here! Wherever we were off to, he was always twenty feet behind the rest of us. But I have to say, he did get some pretty darn good shots! Here, have a look!


Me on the other hand was just obsessed with the beautiful scenery, I couldn’t stop thinking of different spots to shoot my OOTD! Hahaha… I was quite the handful, and of course just one picture isn’t enough cause you can never seem to look right on that first take! Who’s with me on this one??? Girls???


The best part about this place is even if the place is completely booked, you’ll never see a single soul! Well… Until you go to the breakfast hall, but that’s great! You don’t want to be the only guests at breakfast.

Andre and I would go in the evenings for cycle rides around the whole complex, racing with each other and joking around! I would love to come back here with some friends, it would be insane!!! And if you’re looking for a place to stay at in Goa- here you go! It’s the perfect relaxing getaway.


I hope you enjoyed this kind of blog post! Let me know in the comments where’s your favorite Getaway vacation spot! Also let me know in the comments what kind of post would you like me to do next, and I’ll try my best to make it happen.




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