Doggies Day Out

Hello my lovelies!

I had the most lovely evening on Monday and thought I would share it with you’ll. This plan was being postponed for way too long! Glad it finally happened last evening.

Andre, our dog (Leggo) and I went to Juhu Beach at about 4:00-4:30pm. If you’re from Mumbai then you’re probably thinking, ‘Eww! That place is disgusting and extremely crowded! How on Earth did you manage to have a good time?!’. Well … Let me tell you it was fairly clean and the area that we were at was pretty empty. The crowd was where the eating joints are. So we stayed away from there.



We spent a good hour there, Lego was running after a dog who didn’t give him a second look. He played fetch and it was so fascinating to watch him explore the place even though its not his first time here. Watching him sniff the plastic bags (yep, there were a few of them!) and randomly get scared of them as well was hilarious! He also does this weird thing to random people where he goes up to them and starts barking just to make them scared and if they jump he’ll give a big smile and walk away! Let me know if you have a dog and they do this! Also if they do any other weird/ funny/ extremely cute things. But I think his favorite part is lying down on the sand and scratching it, so adorable! We have brought him to the beach about three to four times before in the morning and he is death scared of the sea! He doesn’t go anywhere near it. But today it was like he had a different personality altogether. He came right  up to the waves and got his paws wet. That’s when he suddenly realized, ‘Hey! This is what I get scared of. What am I not running away?!’ Then he began to run away. Hahahaha…



And that was the Doggie’s Day at the Beach. To be honest with you I was not the most excited for this trip. I thought it would be hot, I would get a sun stroke and it would be ridiculously crowded. Well, I was wrong. So, Yayeee! Oh! And lastly… Having Leggo as a child/ pet you just cant go for an outing without carrying some food with you!


I hope you liked this post. Let me know what pet you own and something funny that they do. I think it would be hilarious to learn about the different crazy things various animals do.


Xoxo ❤

Photo Credits: Andre Fernandes. 


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