Fleekies! What’s up?

Hope you’re having a good hair day just like me. Because that’s what inspired me to write this post. Approximately one month after actually getting my hair done. Ugh! I’m such a waste.

Nevertheless, hope you like it.

First, let’s talk cut, colour, destination, stylist.

I don’t know about you but I think this is the work of a genius. And I’m so so so lucky that this genius is also my friend. And no bias (kinda) but he is also one of the nicest human beings I know. Genuinely.

You know… The kinda hairstylist that inspires quotes like, “Friends come and go but a good hairstylist is forever.” or “Behind every beautiful woman is her hairdresser.” or “Hairgicians. People who create magic for clients without a wand.” … This can literally go on forever.

He is Loic Chapoix . Art Director at Dessange Bandra . So if you’re thinking of getting a few inches chopped off or going from a black head to a brunette, you know the guy!


In case you want to know about my hair, he didn’t cut much of the length. Just gave it some layers and definition and did a balayage. Mixed a shade of brown with a shade of burgundy. So there’s a slight red-ish undertone. He called it Cherry Cola. #InLove <3.

Now, on to the hairstyles…

The messy-chic knot

I feel bad for even calling this a hairstyle because it’s so simple.

  1. Pick and twist two sections from either side of your head all the way to the back
  2. Tie both sections into a double knot as you would with your shoe lace
  3. Secure it with a bobby pin if need be

And that is literally it. Still looks so put together for some reason. I’m sure the perfectly curled hair helps but try it on second day curled hair. Could work wonders. Or if you have naturally gorgeous locks. (:

Perfectly imperfect

Just the right amount of “I put in the effort” without seeming like you tried too hard. Because let’s be honest, this hairstyle is easy af!

  1. Loosely pick bits from the around your forehead
  2. Attempt to make a half up messy bun
  3. Bobby pin it up leaving a generous number of stands out

And voila!

Let me know what you think. Do you love the colour, which hairstyle did you prefer and do you have any 5 second hairstyles of your own that you’d like to share! Leave it all in the comments below ❤ .

Girl On Fleek ❤

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas!

Boo! ☠

It’s that time of year again and I couldn’t be happier! That time where in we train ourselves to think it’s cold enough for long sleeves, turtle necks and fuzzy socks but in reality we have to stick to shorts and tees. That time where we finally know what to do with the maple leave garlands that aunty bought from Canada! And that time when we wait for Starbucks to bring out the Pumpkin Spice Latte because nothing else about Mumbai is anywhere near FALL or Halloween!

I think it’s high time we change what’s the norm and do what we want! What I want is Trick-or-Treating all over , everywhere! But in reality I’m for one TOO OLD and secondly this idea is a crime just waiting to happen! But we can still have dress up parties with friends, family, your dog, your cat, yourself! Who cares? As long as your Instagram is On Fleek 👻. Right???

So here are a couple of outfit ideas that I’ve come up with. Let me know which one is your favourite in the comment section! Nothing too OTT. Their both subtle enough, yet super cool! If I may say so myself.

 1. Maleficent!

 The only major parts of the outfit were the horns and her staff.

For the horns all you need to do is:

  • Mould the horn shape with aluminium foil. Make sure both your horns look about the same shape and size. 
  • Cover them with tissue paper dipped in water and glue (fevicol). Aka. Paper mashe around both horns. 
  • Paint them in a dark dirty, almost black brown colour.
  • Lastly, attach them to either a headband or some barrettes with black electrical tape. 

For her staff, all you need to do is:

  • Paint a wooden dowel black.
  • Stick on a Christmas bauble to the tip of it with some hot glue. I went for a golden bauble.
  • Partially cover the bauble with some leaves painted black. 
  • For added detail, you can replicate vines with a hot glue gun.

 I know this may seem a bit time consuming, but if you have the time. It’s a great costume idea! And with everyone being Harley Quinn this year, you’ll definitely stand out! 😉 

Pair the props with a black dress and you’re good to go! 


2. A Prisoner 

 This is a total last minute costume idea. You can practically throw this together on the 31st itself!

All you need is a black and white striped tee and some black pants. If you have black and white striped pants too, then all the better.  But I didn’t. 

For the props:

  1. A chef hat
  2. A laundry bag (optional)
  3. A black mask (optional)

All you need to do to the chef hat is paint stripes on it. My cap was black, so I painted white stripes.

To the laundry bag, draw/ paint on a dollar sign and carry it around. So it looks as though you’ve robbed a bank. 

If you have a black eye mask, it would be perfect. I didn’t have one, so I decided to go down the bruised route. With some black and blue eyeshadow , I bruised up my under eye area. 
And tada! Those were my two last minute costume ideas!

Hope you like them. 

And have a SPOOKtacular Halloween 👻💀☠🎃

Xoxo ❣

DIY Valentines Day Gift Idea (Part 2)

Hey darlings!💗

I hope you liked my previous DIY post. If you did, then here’s another one for you. Aren’t DIY’s just the best kind of gifts both to give and to receive? Your answer will probably be, “NO!” as many a time all you can do with a DIY gift is throw it in the bin. Not this time, the receiver will be extremely pleased I promise.

Don’t worry this is not one of those gifts that when you present it to someone, you hope they don’t open it in front of you to spare you the embarrassment of them having to pretend to love your gift when they actually don’t. This gift is practical, super easy to make and the best of all CHEAP! It might even be free if you have all the ingredients lying around your house.

So to make this DIY Body and Lip Scrub, What you will need:

  • Sugar
  • Olive / Peppermint / Almond Oil
  • Food colour of your choice



Step 1

Add your sugar in a mixing bowl. Add however much you plan on gifting and depending on the size of the container you are putting it in.



Step 2

Pour in either your olive, almond or peppermint oil into the bowl of sugar and combine well. One table spoon of oil for every six table spoons of sugar. I used Olive oil for my mixture.



Step 3

This step is optional, you can add food colouring of your choice and make the sugar scrub look super “Tumblr-y” or you could just leave it white which also looks really pretty! One tiny drop of colour goes a long way, so add just one drop at a time.



After all all three of your ingredients are well combined , all that’s left to do is package it however you please. Any woman or maybe even the men in your life will be super pleased with the rich, organic and homemade body scrub they receive. Definitely not something they would just throw away!


Here’s how I packaged mine. I divided my sugar mixture into two bowls, I added colour to one bowl and left the other plain. Then I layered both the mixtures one on top of the other to create these stripes. As for the bottle, I upcycled an old Nutella bottle and spiced up the lid.



I hope you liked this idea and if you try it, please do tag me on Instagram @sonia2031995 I would love to see! Also, what I love about this is that it doesn’t have to be just a Valentines Day gift, it can be given for any occasion whatsoever. Thanks for reading, do follow the blog to be notified everytime I upload a new post.

Happy Republic Day 🇮🇳




DIY Valentines Day Gift

Hello my lovely friends 💕

We all know that Christmas just drains all of our pockets. Then couple months later comes… Valentines Day! Another excuse to spoil our loved ones rotten.

I don’t really have the budget to buy my boyfriend something really special this time, so I pondered on what I could get him that would cost me little to no money and that he would really appreciate. Then it struck me! He always wants me to watch movies with him that I don’t want to, we have differences in what food we feel like eating when we go out and we each want to do something completely opposite while spending the day together!

So I thought of making a total of 14 Tokens wherein I basically offer to do small things for him that would make him happy. These tokens are so versatile, you can make them for your friends, your mum or dad, a grandparent – the list is endless. All you have to do is customize what you write on them.

To make these Tokens, what you will need:



  • Different color papers (preferably cut into the credit card size) it would just make it easier for the receiver to carry it around in his/her wallet/ purse.
  • Felt tip pens and / or markers in colors of your choice.
  • And of course a pencil for any doodles you may want to create on the front page of your Token booklet.


Designing the front page is the most exciting part as you can really go to town with what you make it look like! You don’t have to be an artist to do this, you can stick a couple of stickers on it and be done.

Here’s what I did with my cover page. I decided to keep it simple with just the traditional cherub.



Now onto the tokens themselves… Here’s what I’ve done. But again, this is just according to me, you can switch it up for so many different things. 



You can get as naughty as you like 😉.

Or if your making them for your mum you can make an “I’ll do the dishes for the day” one, or “I’ll tidy up your cupboard for you”.


After you’re done with all your tokens, all that’s left to do is punch a couple of holes in it and tie it up with some ribbon. 



If you haven’t noticed already I’ve gone with the traditional Valentines Day colors and have added Gold accents. Thus, the ribbon I’ve chosen is golden as well.

However I do think it would be fun to try out a different colour scheme- maybe a black and gold, or different pastel shades and white would be cute!


Anyway, here’s the finished product ☺️💖



I hope you liked this post, if you recreate it I would love to see it! You can tag me on Instagram @girlonfleekblog so I can have a look at your masterpieces.

Xoxo 💗