Wearable Winter Lookbook


Thought I’d better get this done before we blink and it’s spring already! TBH this is pretty insane for me! I never thought I would actually be doing a winter lookbook! Like a winter-winter lookbook. I live in Mumbai and if you do too, you’d know what I mean (:

So if you’re thinking, this ain’t gonna be of any use to me! Wait… Most of the outfits are wearable here mostly because I took of my coat so I could snap away. #BloggerLife eh?

So without further ado, let’s get started!

🎅 Santa baby much? With the hat and all.

Might be a bit too early to start picking favorites but this is hands down my absolute fave! Replace the sweater with a tee and knock off the stockings and you’re good to strut down the streets of Mumbai 😊.

This gives me all the PLL feels ❤️!

Doesn’t matter what I’m wearing underneath because a classic red coat makes everything look c-u-t-e! And when you have a red beanie to match , it’s just the icing on the cake. Don’t you think?

Is it just me, or does this make you go, “Are we outta the woods yet….”

Jeans and a sweater. Classic 👌🏼. But TBH, the beanie is my favourite part of the outfit. Because that pom pom though.

Also the sweater, the first and possibly the last time I’m wearing it. It’s itchy af!

Look away they say. It’s more Tumblr they say.

Don’t know how I survived the day with just this on but I’m glad I did. Classy over cold!

Everything that I’m wearing in this picture is from India minus the scarf and the beanie. Which means everything that I’m wearing in this picture I wear in India – minus the scarf and the beanie. I think it’s super trendy and perfect for a shopping trip.

It’s the absolute worst when you get into a mall and have to carry your huge coat all over the place. #FirstWorldStruggles

I’m just happy I still got all ten toes with me!

Leather skirt from Forever 21, sweater from Chemistry. Apt for -28, apt for 28. The colder it is, just add stockings and boots to keep you warm. I think this outfit is perfect for a brunch or linner. What do you think? Where would you wear it to?

Let me know which was your favorite look and where would you wear it to. Share it with your friends from colder climates and comment if you would wear some of the looks here!


Girl On Fleek


If it’s Insta-Worthy, I’ll eat!

Hello 🌻

This officially the hottest it’s ever been. Also one hundred percent sure I’ll say the same thing next year, but OMG! Sorry, this was just an unrelated pointless ramble. Nobody ever talks about the weather anymore. Jeez!

Have you really eaten something if you haven’t Insta-Storied it? Do you even feel hungry when you have enough cute pictures that match your theme? And is the aesthetic more important than the actual food itself? 

That last one might be pushing it a bit too far. Here are some of my favorite places Insta wise as well as some of my favorite places to actually eat at. Even when I don’t need to update my feed. That’s saying alot now!

Breakfast at The Sassy Spoon!
The Kitchen Garden by Suzette
Bombay Salad Co.

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Girl OnFleek 

‘Heels higher than your standards!’ SO YESTERDAY

Call me lazy, call me crazy! I love my flats.

Also because I can’t walk to save my life in heels, and I couldn’t care less to try. But who cares, right?

I think flats add so much more interest to a look. I think it makes an outfit unexpected in a way – mostly because people expect you to be all girly and high heely!
Yep. Stereotyping isn’t my thing.

Also whoever said there’s no gain without pain, clearly hasn’t seen the choice of flats out there! Here are some of my wardrobe favorites!

From: Vero Moda
From: Ardene, Canada
From: Vietnam, Street Store
From: Ardene, Canada
From: Forever 21, USA

Let me know if you like this post by liking it. And I’ll do a part two of my favourite flats.
Because to be honest, there’s plenty more where that came from!

Xoxo ❤
Girl OnFleek


Hello Sunshine,

No I wasn’t trying to sound like your grandpa! I was trying to be cool. Anyway… I should stop. I’m only going to embarrass myself further.

Outfit No.1:

I probably shouldn’t be picking favourites but OMG! THIS IS MY FAVOURITE! I love the white with the navy, with the denim and the tan leather shoes. #LIVIN Also not too sure if ponchos are in, but I’m diggin’ this one!

And I think we can all agree this is not going to take more than 1.5 minutes to throw on!

Outfit No. 2:


Bright, multi-coloured, and so much happening dress! Because it’s all you need to throw on and you’re ready to strut out the door. Don’t forget your shoes though!

I’m a huge fan of dresses in the summer time. Their light, their breezy and even though it’s the easiest thing you could ever wear, it looks like you’ve put in quite the effort.
Also! Get yourself some tan leather / faux leather shoes – they are literally the best!

Outfit No. 3:


Surprise! Surprise! Another dress. For those of you who know me, this is literally my uniform! It doesn’t need ironing and it has sleeves so if your underarms are pokey you’re covered girl! Sorry if that was a bit TMI for you. Also it’s cotton and perfect for summer.
I love paring it with bright and fun sneakers for a pop of colour!

Hahahaha… Bottom line of this blog post – STOCK UP ON DRESSES! Or shorts and loose, flowey… flowy flow-ey (clearly I don’t know the spelling) tops.

More importantly tell me what kind of outfits you’re going to slay this summer!

Xoxo ❤
Girl OnFleek

P.S. Yes! I’m a major Gossip Girl fan.

Types of Shoppers ( during SALES )

Hello 💁🏻

This is something completely different, well it is fashion related (I guess). But it’s an observational post. I love going shopping whether it’s actually to buy something (which is preferable) or even if it’s just to browse. I’ve observed different people and their behaviour. So I thought it would be fun to do a blog post on it. Let me know in the comments what type of a shopper are you? Even if you’re not one from the list ☺️. 

Now we all know July – August is THE month for sales. Everywhere you look is a 50-70% Off sign. And me being the clothing addict that I am has to go check them out. There’s no place I’d rather spend my time at than – THE MALL. I joke that it’s my natural habitat. But we all know that it isn’t much of a joke. If there’s any place I’ve observed a lot at its here. There are so many different kinds of shoppers. Some of the most common ones are…
1. The “trend setters” they’ll never buy clothing, shoes or accessories on sale. Only because they don’t ever want to be caught dead in something that’s last season.

2. The “window shopper” and let’s be real – we all come under this category a lot of the times! Those who love to check out what’s in stock. Those who know exactly what top is from where or what brand of shoes those are, but they never actually purchase the item.

3. The “blind shopper”. I hope to someday reach this level. They never ever look at the price tags! They never look to see if the item is on sale or if it’s amongst the new collection – they like it, they buy it.

4. The “pushy mum”. We all secretly wish our mums were like this, but not everyone is lucky enough! These are the super rich mums who love to spoil their kids rotten. Those who want to keep buying clothes, shoes, bags, socks you name it for their child. So much so that the child themself tells her they don’t need all that.

5. Then there’s the opposite kind of mum, the “think a hundred times before you buy” kind. Do they really need it? How long will they use it for? Is it worth the price? Will I get it somewhere else at a better rate? The questions go on. And the funniest part is they’ll calculate the price of the item and consider how long will they use it for. In this way, they’ll end up getting the exact amount for it per day. Ridiculous- I know! But you got to do what you got to do when you’re on a budget!
To be honest there are a ton more of these “Types of Shoppers” but I don’t want this post getting stretched out too much.

On to the ones we’re focusing on … “The SALE Shenanigans” those who don’t shop all year round just to save all their money to shop during the sales. These people or just a lot of people in general who pass by a store they would usually never enter, but if they read “upto 60% OFF” they’ll walk right in without a second thought. It’s mostly girls dragging their boyfriends into the stores and children dragging parents. But ofcourse  wives taking their husbands and middle aged women by themselves, not to forget the minority of males too! I mean…. I’m just wondering wouldn’t you save a lot more money if you shopped when you actually needed something irrespective if there’s a sale or not? In that way you would only end up buying the item you actually need. Whereas during a sale everything seems so much cheaper so you end up buying the items having the best deals which very often isn’t what you need at all. Then a few months later you realise you haven’t bought what you went for and have to go back and buy that item at full price.
I guess that ending made it seem like I’m all against sales , but the truth is I’m one of those suckers who can’t help but shop during the sales. I don’t know about you but I hate that feeling of buying something full price and then a few weeks later the price goes down by half! It’s the most annoying thing ever. The other side to the coin is obviously why pay Rs. 3000/- when you can get it for Rs. 1500/- ??? Like everything, there’s always a positive, there’s always a negative. I just thoroughly enjoyed watching all the different kinds of shoppers and their spending habits. It was both hilarious and ofcourse a great blog topic to write about!

If you liked this post, be sure to let me know in the comments or by liking it. Do share it with anyone you know that is like one of the shoppers mentioned. I hope you can relate 😜 and chao for now.


Is he ‘THE ONE’???

Hey guys 💙

Welcome back or Welcome. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here and I’m so sorry about that. From now on I’m going to try and be more regular.

How have you guys been? Enjoying the rains so far or hiding away in the comfort of your homes? I think the former – long walks no matter what the weather – trying to catch em all 😆. Anyway… Let’s just get into what we’re really here for!

Disclaimer: I am no expert of any sort on relationships . These are just tips of advice that I’ve learnt over the years and and would like to share them with you guys. I do hope you find this useful and enjoy reading.

He’ll ALWAYS make time for you. Now every guy is different- that’s a given. But someone who truly loves you will try and be with you no matter how tough it may be. André and I have been together for over four years now and I can literally count on my fingers the number of days we haven’t met each other at all since dating. And yes it’s hard sometimes, no we don’t have all the time in the world to do nothing except be together and yes André works! But we still meet everyday. I’m not saying you have to dump your boyfriend now because he doesn’t meet you daily! What I mean is he should be excited to make plans with you , make you a priority and take even a little while out of his days to have some couple time.

He’ll think of YOU first. I’m pretty sure if you’re thinking about him before yourself, somebody needs to be doing the same for you. It has got to be two sided in every way. What I mean by think of you first is for example, When you’ll go out – does he make sure he’s taking you somewhere safe, will you be comfortable with the crowd there, etc etc. I know these are decisions you can make on your own, but it means a lot to know he really does care.


Finds any excuse to touch you. This is more of a pre dating one. But very true indeed. I remember the days André and I would meet way before dating… Pretty sure we both liked each other but neither of us had said it yet. Everytime we met he would find or make up an excuse to hit my arms or catch my hands or make me mad so I would end up hitting him etc. Some childish ways just never change and I for one never want them to.


TALK TALK TALK. Spend hours on the phone, in person, texting or whatever it is. Just talk, share and connect with each other. Make sure you’ll are a compatible pair. Never hold anything back! It’s so important to be on the same page as your partner when it comes to your beliefs, values etc. It may not seem like a very big issue in the beginning, but it will eat you up in the long run.


He will always be Supportive of you. You know he’s a great catch when you see him doing everything he can to make you happy. When I say supportive (Yes like a bra) I mean he’s there for you ANYTIME ANYWHERE. He’ll be your personal photographer if suddenly one day you decide to be a blogger. He’ll change any mannerisms that upset you about himself. He’ll be at your place at sharp 9:00am on the only holiday he gets in the week to help you clean your house for your birthday party. The list goes on, as it should. Because that is love, sacrifice and compromise.

Thanks for everything Andre, you have taught me what it is to love. And girls! If you know a guy who treats you like the princess you deserve to be treated like – you keep him close! I’ll stop here for now before this starts to get boring AF! I hope you girls enjoyed reading this and if you’re a guy – TAKE NOTES! 

Xoxo 💗

Doggies Day Out

Hello my lovelies!

I had the most lovely evening on Monday and thought I would share it with you’ll. This plan was being postponed for way too long! Glad it finally happened last evening.

Andre, our dog (Leggo) and I went to Juhu Beach at about 4:00-4:30pm. If you’re from Mumbai then you’re probably thinking, ‘Eww! That place is disgusting and extremely crowded! How on Earth did you manage to have a good time?!’. Well … Let me tell you it was fairly clean and the area that we were at was pretty empty. The crowd was where the eating joints are. So we stayed away from there.



We spent a good hour there, Lego was running after a dog who didn’t give him a second look. He played fetch and it was so fascinating to watch him explore the place even though its not his first time here. Watching him sniff the plastic bags (yep, there were a few of them!) and randomly get scared of them as well was hilarious! He also does this weird thing to random people where he goes up to them and starts barking just to make them scared and if they jump he’ll give a big smile and walk away! Let me know if you have a dog and they do this! Also if they do any other weird/ funny/ extremely cute things. But I think his favorite part is lying down on the sand and scratching it, so adorable! We have brought him to the beach about three to four times before in the morning and he is death scared of the sea! He doesn’t go anywhere near it. But today it was like he had a different personality altogether. He came right  up to the waves and got his paws wet. That’s when he suddenly realized, ‘Hey! This is what I get scared of. What am I not running away?!’ Then he began to run away. Hahahaha…



And that was the Doggie’s Day at the Beach. To be honest with you I was not the most excited for this trip. I thought it would be hot, I would get a sun stroke and it would be ridiculously crowded. Well, I was wrong. So, Yayeee! Oh! And lastly… Having Leggo as a child/ pet you just cant go for an outing without carrying some food with you!


I hope you liked this post. Let me know what pet you own and something funny that they do. I think it would be hilarious to learn about the different crazy things various animals do.


Xoxo ❤

Photo Credits: Andre Fernandes. 

Hashtag LOVE.

Happy Valentines Day 💛

So today’s post is kinda different from my usual DIY’s, beauty reviews, style ideas etc etc. This is a more chatty post. Being Valentines Day I thought it would be nice to share my experiences, thoughts, tips and just some of the things I’ve learnt over the years about love and relationships. I don’t think I’m any sort of expert on love and that whatever I say is law, but I do think it would be fun to get to know one another on a more personal level. I would love if you guys would interact in the comment section, share your thoughts, experiences and tips too.

I want to start off by saying… Time really does heal ALL wounds. If you’re currently in love with someone who doesn’t like you back. It’s alright. I’ve been there and it sucks, but it’s not permanent. Someday, the right person will come along and you’ll be thankful that the previous relationship didn’t work out.  I thought I “loved” someone for so long and I probably did at the time. But nothing happened. Later on I … You could say dated someone for like a week! Kind of a joke but true. And obviously was a fail. Went back to mourning over the fact that I couldn’t have guy number 1. Hahaha… Yep! I was quite the mess. But then something awesome happened. I did find the guy perfect for me. I love him and he loves me and we’ve been together for 3 years , 10 months and counting.

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Your life story most of the time will not go as you want it to, but no matter how it goes you need to freaking own it and love it. I strongly believe that very often we make up these scenarios in our heads of how we want our first kiss to be, how and where our guy should ask us out etc . Well no harm in doing that, but don’t be disheartened if the scene takes a different turn. Every person has their own unique story and every single one of them is beautiful. Funny story!  Fantasy: I wanted the boy to take me on a romantic picnic or throw stones at my window and ask me to be his girlfriend, then I would say yes, we’d kiss, it would magically start raining and ofcourse – my leg would pop! Reality: It was my seventeenth birthday, André came over to my place in the afternoon. He brought me lunch, we ate together and then went to my room to watch a movie. I hated the movie he picked and was so bored. However, I couldn’t find it in me to tell him that I was so bored! Well obviously he would feel bad and I didn’t want that. Anyway, somehow he noticed I wasn’t having the best time so he paused the movie and stared at me, so I stared back. The next thing I know his lips were incredibly close to mine and it was too late to move before he kissed me. *BRAIN FREEZE* I was shocked, stunned, confused, disappointed, angry, upset, but I did like it a lot. I did cry  little at first, but the I realised I was being silly and we kissed again. Not at all what I was planning my first kiss to be like, but so much better. Don’t you think?


Take your time before getting into any relationship! Do not rush!!! If there’s anyone who has waited a good deal of time before committing , it’s me. I’m saying this like I was the smart one out of the two of us who kept us waiting until both of us were absolutely positive, but it was André. Props to him! I probably began liking him four months into knowing him and if it was up to me I would’ve dated him then. But he waited TWO YEARS before he asked me out! It didn’t matter, I loved him and I could have and would have waited two years longer as well. A darn good way to see if the person really loves you is to see how long they’ll wait for you. The waiting period is terrible, but worth it!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this kind of long and chatty blog post. Let me know your thoughts, tips and experiences in the comments down below. Click on the ‘follow’ button, this will notify you by email everytime I upload a new post.

Xoxo 💛